The online world made way for “Craigslist” and other websites such as eBay, before Facebook’s Marketplace took off.

Whether buying products, selling boats or running a small business, social media can’t be ignored, especially Facebook Marketplace.

Once upon a time the local newspaper classifieds were the place to be for all of the above.

Then the online world made way for “Craigslist” and other websites.

Since the proliferation of online methods such as classifieds, Offer Up and eBay, much of the focus has been on monetizing social media, particularly Facebook.

It seems like only yesterday that people started listing up items for sale to their friends and then groups started popping up.

Finally in 2016 Facebook introduced “Marketplace” to consolidate the sellers and buyers into one place.

With (according to Facebook) over 700 million customers it is hard to say that this hasn’t been a success.

Whilst the platform is large and successful, it isn’t without it’s challenges.

Facebook Marketplace: some things to look out for

Negotiation: due to the impersonal nature of the platform, people are very comfortable asking for deals.

Where in person some can be shy, most are happy to low ball on Marketplace. Consider this when pricing.

Trust: there is a good amount of trust from both sides of the transaction.

Whilst other platforms can’t verify the seller and buyer, Facebook profiles are open to all.

Make sure you aren’t being taken for a ride and always be sure of what you are buying.

No shows: being stood up is never nice; particularly when there are other buyers that you are turning away.

Ensure that you communicate conditions of sale clearly.

Groups: Facebook Marketplace works best by allowing you to post your product to many groups at the touch of a button.

To get the most value out of the platform make sure you are a member of relevant local classifieds groups like Used Pontoon Boats For Sale if you are selling a boat.

Don’t forget, we moderate all posts and have an approval process so plan ahead before selling (or buying).

Just like any buying or selling, due care and common sense is important.

These platforms are great for convenience but it is important to remember we are still buying and selling with other humans.

How To Sell Your Stuff On Used Pontoon Boats For Sale Facebook Group {& Find Cool Things To Buy}

Goodbye, garage sales. Move over Craigslist. There’s an easier (and sometimes more lucrative) way to sell your boat online.

Facebook “Sale Groups” are far from new, but we started using them these past few years to help our members and customers buy and sell pontoon boats, and sure enough, boats listed on Used Pontoon Boats For Sale sell fast. In order to sell your pontoon for a good price, there is still much work to be done — pricing the boat, negotiating the price with a customer, and the showings – time and money to show the boat – what a pain! By joining Facebook and “Used Pontoon Boats For Sale” you’ll be joining a community that loves pontoon boating.

In some ways, Facebook was last to the party. However, as we’ve been sharing stories of our successful sales and purchases with members in the community, the more we’ve discovered there are still a lot of Facebook users who don’t know groups exist, and those people are still talking about buying and selling on Craigslist.

We’ve used Craigslist over the years for buying and selling. Sometimes we’ve had great success, and other times the exchange was not a great fit. Security was a concern. Using our Facebook closed group that requires joining and is monitored by an administrator offers an extra layer comfort.

How to Join a Facebook Sale Group

When you are in your Facebook account, click on the down area in the top right-hand corner of your nav bar. Go to “Your Groups.” At the top of the page, you’ll see a menu bar of Suggested Groups, Friends’ Groups, Local Groups, Sale Groups, Your Groups. Click on “Sale Groups” and they will have groups listed that they recommend for you. Next, click on “Join Group” and wait for an administrator to approve you. This can be immediate, or take a few days depending on their backlog.

Read the Rules

Each group has their own set of rules that they take seriously. Several items are not allowed to be sold on the sites so it’s important to read them carefully and stick to them. But once you buy or sell your first item, you’ll get the hang of it. And before long, you’ll be selling your boat and buying new one.


Many people meet at a public location to exchange the boat, boat launch, marina, or at a broker/dealer location. Use your best judgment. If you don’t feel comfortable going to someone’s home, or them meeting at yours, meet at a public place like a grocery store parking lot. Make the best decision that is right for your comfort zone.

PRO Tips

The biggest learning curve is getting used to the lingo. Here’s a short list of need to know terms:

“Interested” – The first person to type “Interested” in the comments for the item on sale is usually the first person to get picked by the owner to buy it. But you’ll notice that more people will say they are interested as well. That’s because sometimes the first person doesn’t work out for a variety of reasons which can be related to not being able to work out delivery, or they changed their mind, of they couldn’t settle on the price, etc. But if you want something – don’t direct message the person until you make sure you have your “Interested” line in the comments.

“Next” – After the first person says they’re interested in the sale item, the following interested parties mark that they are “Next.” As in, “Next in line.” The owner will just go down the list until the item is bought and picked up.

“Bump” – If an owner doesn’t get anyone interested in their item, they are allowed to write “Bump” in the comments to bump their post back to the top of the line. Make sure you read the rules on how often you can bump. Usually, you’re allowed to do this once a day.

“PPU” – This means, “Pending Pick Up.” If there is an item for sale that lots of people want, the owner will write “PPU” to let the followers know that it is almost sold and just needs to be picked up. If it doesn’t get picked up, then they’ll move on to the “Next” person in line.

Here are the Facebook instructions for how to sell something on the Used Pontoon Boats For Sale Group.

Your Turn…

Good luck and happy selling!