Pontoon Remodeling

Tritoon Centertube Performance

Easy Training & Installation

Do you want the performance of a Tritoon?

Convert your Pontoon Boat to a Tritoon for less than the cost of SALES TAX on a new Tritoon! Convert your pontoon boat to a high performing tritoon in less than 4 hours and for as little as $3500. These center toons are tougher than aluminum.

Features & Benefits.

  • Made of poly-urethane composite (Stronger than aluminum by far)
  • Sport toon (Motor hp limited to boat’s mftg yellow sticker limit)
  • Full Polytoon with motor mount increases your maximum hp to 300 hp– Gives you immediate Tritoon performance
  • Increased speed
  • Increased stability
  • Increased buoyancy
  • Cuts through wakes and chop like a knife through butter
  • 10 year no questions asked guarantee.
  • No sales tax if delivered outside Arizona

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